Thursday, September 9, 2010

Exploding brain = Relaxation needed

Wow, what a huge gap between my first post and this one (its almost embarrassing). The goal is to post at least every second day, but lately I've been getting back into the groove of studying, working, having a boyfriend, keeping a house tidy and maybe some crafting on the side so blogging kind of went on the way side.  But assignments are done and dusted now (hence the exploding brain, I sadly even had a burst of crying in the middle of one assignment!) and I've now got some stock to get ready :) (hence the relaxation).

I did finish my scarf that I was working on for knitting class, i'll photo it for the next blog. I also learnt how to cable knit which I surprisingly found really fun :) I'll photo that for the next post as well.
Patons pattern

I have also started knitting squares for this blanket. Way fun :) So satisfying seeing them stack up in a pile.

I also made some baby travel packs. The idea started from being requested to make a pair of fabric booties in a neutral colour for a baby shower. So I picked a green print with snails and toadstools on it and made the booties, then I decided they needed a matching bib...and burb cloth...and a bag to 1. fit it all in and 2. when empty be used as a handy carry pack for nappies, rash cream ect. So I made 4 sets. Bens sister brough the two and I have two left to add to my felt store so check there if your interested :)

Neutral colour baby travel pack    

floral pink and wool baby travel pack

I just had to share a photo of this bib, It makes me wish I had a daughter to dress her in quaint accessories that warm my heart. 

That's it for the night people, if you are purchasing from my shop and have come from here tell me and i'll add a little gift with your purchase :) 

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