Sunday, August 8, 2010

berry bars & knitting class

tomorrow night is the third gathering of the knitting group I've joined, we are all cheerful beginners with a lovely teacher who is forever patient and wonderfully organized.

I've only ever knitted scarves, in a straight line, using just plain ole knit stitch. My aunt taught me how when I was about 10 (she gave in after days of annoying questions and being watched over her shoulder) So learning more about knitting has been great and so far I've mastered the purl stitch, learnt how to knit with giant 12mm needles (felt like tree stumps!), made a cowl and have been shown how to stitch the ends together using a third needle, that was stressful :), how to sew my loose ends tidily away, how to thread thick yarn into a needle eye easily and how to knit a flower. Whew! looking at that big list feels tiring, good think learning it all has been such fun. Hmmm....wonder whats on the agenda for Monday night?

On another note I also did some baking this week, some yummy yummy breakfast berry bars, I used this recipe. Instead of using all raspberries I used a box of mixed frozen berries and it turned out great. You can't really leave them around too long though as the base becomes soggy after 3 or 4 days, even in an air tight container. But good luck having them around longer than that anyway! When I came across this recipe I was looking for something to take for our next knitting group but two of the ladies are gluten free, does anybody have any yummy gluten free recipes out there that they are willing to share? It would be much appreciated.

Mmmm yummy berry goodness!

Until next time
- Tracy


  1. That berry bar looks absolutely amazing - would be great with a little bit of yogurt for breakfast.

  2. Hehe I did exactly that! With some lovely thick greek yoghurt and a nice strong coffee :)

  3. I've seen some yummy gluten free recipes on in their baking section :) Those berry bars look delicious!