Saturday, December 31, 2011

Felt Christmas Swap Wrap Up

First I would like to say a huge THANK YOU! to everybody that took part in the Christmas Swap this year. You are all fantastic crafty ladies who create amazing stuff and I am so grateful that you all found the time to take part and spread some Christmas cheer around the country.

Now I'm going to fill the rest of this post showing off all of the fantastic photos you have sent me of what you made so happy viewing :)

These awesome necklaces are from Georgie who owns Midget Design

Brigitte from Heartart made this beautiful beaded necklace

Kaye from Cestlavie made these handy shiny wine glass charms

Fleur from Wonderville made these vintage card ornaments

fleur also made this velvet brooch

and these super cool vintage fabric decorations

and some more of them!

These boxes came from Samantha of Driessa

which were filled with these awesome gifts, and my christmas cracker  had a cool handmade brooch inside of it

these pencil rolls were made from Tracy at threelittlelambs, don't you just love the fabrics she has used? 

she also made these cool felt and button brooches! 

aren't they super detailed? I love them :) 

Carolyn from Ceejay made these super colourful cosmetic bags

this one has shiny fluff on it! 

and this one has sweet vintage fabrics and a neat patchwork look

carolyn also made these awesome cheese bags for her partners :) 

Ngaiorue made these super amazing tatted earrings, how super smart is she!

I love the green colour of these, and the length!

and these classy black ones, such a nice accent to add to a outfit :) 

Sabine made this beautiful cashmere bracelet, it looks so soft!

she also made this bracelet and ring set in lovely blue and white wool

and she sent one of her swap partners some hand dyed tatting thread, can you guess who received that :)

These amazing paper goods are from Kate at fortyfive, I LOVE these  bits and pieces! The bunting makes me weak at the knees :) 

Jacquiline from Goblins made this super cute book cover

such a sweet illustration on the front of it

These are the gifts that I recieved from Lisa at lisajhoney, how cute its that needle book? 

and the awesome illustration on the cool!

Marie at ilovefifi sent me these cool gift labels, I like them so much though that I might save some just to put up on my inspiration wall

she also sent this brooch, clever huh? 

these little pouches were sent to all of my swap partners, I sure hope they liked them :) 

this one is my favourite :) 

I sent them a little Merry Christmas note on some handstamped notecards I had made

and some mini buntings made from vintage floral fabrics so that there crafty rooms could have a little makeover for 2012

So that is it, another year done and dusted and I think that this swap was an awesome way to wrap up the year :) Once again thank you so much to everyone that took part and I hope you all have a safe New Years and to see you all back again soon :)


  1. Great post, Thanks :) My bunting is hanging behind my computer. oh to have a dedicated crafting space....maybe next year :)

  2. How lovely to see all of the gifts! Have been looking forward to you posting this. Thanks Tracy for doing this. And what a clever bunch of creative peeps are on Felt! Happy 2012 x

  3. Love the little purse I got from you Tracy :) happy new year!

  4. I really love the little purse you sent me (your favourite one too!), I've put it straight to use keeping my jewellery safe during my New Year travels.