Sunday, October 31, 2010

fieldtrip to the local gardens

Yesterday the sun was out in full blast so Ben and I decided to go to the local gardens, mainly as I needed to collect some specimens for my herbarium assignment which is due in a few weeks and because I needed to go for a trip somewhere for my garden diary which is due soon also. I took the camera and we got some really great photos that I couldn't help but share here too.

I just love calendula flowers, especially when its a big ol' patch of them!

Mmmm that's a yummy looking globe artichoke, wish it was in my garden

A sole chamomile flower among a patch of one's ready to open

Nearly there!

so cute :)

Most people just pull out dandelion flowers like a weed but I love how proud they look when fully open

is this sage? I cannot remember but the purple is lovely

looks like tissue paper!

a patch of forget-me-not hidden away at the back

A hidden patch of wild flowers that were growing in the corner, love the pink and purple colour palate they create

pretty roses growing up a gate

reminds me of some flowers from alice in wonderland

so detailed!

lovely patch of multi-coloured nasturtiums

these are called egg-yolk flowers, I had never seen them before

cant remember the name but like how delicate it is

so precious looking

this is the bee hive that lives in the sustainable garden

overview of the sustainable garden, its very peaceful in there. It even has chickens and a worm farm!

just love the bold colour of this flower

beautiful fern that caught my eye

little baby fern that was growing beneath the big one

While we were there we went to the natural health expo which was being held at the pavillion. There would have been pictures from that also but as soon as we entered we were jumped on by a lady that was rude to Ben and grabbed my arm and tried to push up the sleve of my top to look at the rest of my tattoo. Regardless to say that set the scene for the rest of the expo and we left soon after to go and look at some pretty plants and flowers.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend full of sun too. Now I'm off to taste the apple pie I just spent 3 hours making and I will be back soon with some pictures of some toys I have been working on.

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